The Setting of Battlestar Galactica Universe

At the end of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series from 2004-2009, we see earth from 150,000 years ago and we see the Galactica along with the fleet, under the control of Anders, fly toward the sun. Commander Adama’s narration states that Anders will fly the fleet into the sun so that humanity can have a fresh start by giving up all technology. However, we never see the Galactica or any of the fleet flying into the sun, only flying toward it

In our vision, Anders realized that destroying the fleet would be a mistake because the Cylons are still out there and humanity might need the technology sometime in the future. Anders parks the fleet on the far side of the sun in an orbit which can not be seen from earth ( at the L3 Lagrangian point) and sets the ships navigation systems to station-keeping at minimum power. Given the power reserves that the ships have, and the minimal power draw, the ships are still operating 150,000 years later. 

In 2024, a collation of NASA, ESA and Roscosmos along with private corporations like Space-X and Blue Origin, launches the first manned Mars expedition.
They discover the Galactica and the rest of the fleet while enroute to Mars. The Mars mission is immediately re-tasked from going to Mars to rendezvous with what looks like an alien fleet of ships.

Upon boarding the Galactica they manage to activate the computers and to begin the process of translating and interpreting the data. Besides the advanced technology they discover that humanity has an enemy. The Cylons. And they are still searching for us with the intention of eradicating our species. 

The setting for Battlestar Galactica Universe takes place 26 years later in 2050AD when all of the technology found in the ships has been reverse engineered and humanity is pushing out to the stars and colonizing worlds.

Our Game Concept

The full release of our game will be built upon the award winning game engine from Unity. By using Unity as our game engine, we will be able to bring to the community a game combines the elements of: 

o   First Person Shooter games such as the Battlefield or Call-of-Duty series.
o   Starship combat between capital ships, space fighters with multi-person crews. 
o   Massive-Multiplayer Online Role Play games like EVE and Star Trek Online.
o   Real-Time Strategy Elements like featured in Starcraft and Civilization V.  

All these elements, played out in a Persistent Universe with both individual Character and Group Progression.

By combining the above elements, Battlestar Galactica Universe will have something that appeals to everyone, and all in one game.

o   Don't like playing First Person Shooters, but love to mine resources, build ships, fighters and manage entire colonies?
o   Want to explore a new solar system on your own or with your group or clan?
o   Do you find Real Time Strategy games boring and you love being a pilot or a ground pounder in a First Person Shooter?
o   Do you want to command a starship and engage the enemy with your ship's main battery and missiles?

With Battlestar Galactica Universe, all of the above will be possible. Finally a game where everyone will be able to play the type of game they like best and still be able to play with their friends who like a different type of game.   

The Real Time Strategy players can support their troops by providing the ships, equipment and weapons to carry out their missions. Assist defending your colonies via AI drones. Terraforming and upgrading your colonies with your latest researched technologies. Building shipyards and space mining. Schedule trading missions to other colonies and taking scripted missions.

The First Person Shooter players will defend the base or colony from threats and provide the fire power and muscle when conquering new worlds. Defend or assault Starships. Add skill set unlocks to add medic or engineering abilities to your character along with individual weapons mastery and ship component unlocks and mastery. Drive tanks and fly aerospace fighters.

The ship captain/commander will take their Starships, which includes ship classes ranging from Corvette to Battlestar/BaseStar, into the heat of ship to ship combat and to launch fighters and land troops as well as oversee planetary assaults.

And all of them interacting in a massive multiplayer online role play in a persistent universe with character and group progression and skills advancement. Complete Unit (Clan) tasks or take missions from Colonial or Cylon Fleet Command for Credits and XP.