Why Kickstarter?

If you want to build a game based on a TV show or movie and you wish to make a profit from it, you need to obtain the permission of the copyright holder to use their intellectual property. 

This usually entails retaining the services of an Intellectual Property Lawyer. Doing that takes some substantial financial resources as lawyers in general, do not come cheap.

None of us here at Brainstem Games are independently wealthy and cannot afford to retain the services of a lawyer on our own. 


Lucky for us, there are companies that specialize in what is known as “crowdsourcing”. One of the most well know of those is Kickstarter.

Through Kickstarter, we will be asking  you, the fans of Battlestar Galactica and the potential players of our game, to help us raising the funds to be able to retain a lawyer and allow him or her to negotiate on our behalf to use the Battlestar Galactica franchise from NBC Universal as the basis of our game.

Once we have secured the use of the intellectual property, it will take additional funds to hire more game designers, artists and programmers as well as purchase the additional software and hardware that is required to create the universe that you will play in. 

We want to be able to bring the best experience to you the fan and gamer and to do that it will take funding which is why we are using Kickstarter to “kick start” our game project.

We will be outlining the various donation levels and the different rewards that we will be making available depending on the amount donated.  We promise something for everyone, from $5.00 donations all the way up to the $5,000.00 level donation.

With your help, we will be able to make our vision of a game based on Battlestar Galactica that we hope will give you, the player,  a game play experience second to none!

We thank you for your support!