Paul L. Smith - Vice President of Operations and Senior Programmer

Paul is a United States Air Force veteran, a professional programmer and software engineer with almost 40 years of experience in software development and engineering.

Projects he has been a part of range from writing small business accounting software to the development of engineering and logistics software used by the defense and space industries.

For the last 27 years, Paul has been the principal architect and lead software developer of the CADDStar GIS Engineering and Design Software Suite published by Hal-Tec Software Solutions, Inc. The CADDStar Software Suite is.used by major communications companies from around the world to engineer and design advanced CATV and Fiber Optic networks.

Recently, Hal-Tec Software Solutions, Inc became StadCore Solutions, LLC and Paul was promoted and is on the Board of Directors.

As a hobby, Paul was part of the development team for a gaming group that developed the Night Watch Militia (NWM) mod for the world renowned Battlefield 2 game from EA/DICE, one of the best selling First Person Shooter games of the last fifteen years. Paul was responsible for importing the AC-130 Spectre, the F-22 Raptor  the RAH-66 Comanche and even the Incom T-65A2 X-Wing from other Battlefield 2 and 2142 game mods into the Night Watch Milita mod. In the modding world, he is known as [NWM]Korg.

Because of Paul's long experience in the software development field, he is well versed in Project Management and is fluent in many computer and database languages such as C/C++/C#, Visual Basic .NET, LISP, PHP, Python, KML, XML, HTML, SQL and even FORTRAN.  It is this long experience that brings the vital software development management skills to Brainstem Games LLC.

Christopher S. Breckenridge - President and Senior Game Designer

Chris Breckenridge leads Brainstem Games with a wealth of knowledge of video game development. Chris has written middle-ware code for several video games as well as doing 3D modeling, art and animations.  Chris  has been a founding partner in several game and technologies companies as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Game Designer/Vice President.  Chris Breckenridge can be found on the "who's who" list for the video game design industry and was a consultant to EA/DICE on the development of Battlefield 2142.

His list of modeling and game development software skills includes, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Refractor 2 & 2.5, Bigworld, CryEngine, Unreal 4, and Unity 3D.

Prior to working in the gaming industry Chris Breckenridge owned several computer technology service companies   providing computer and networking services to cities such as Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Sardis City, Alabama., and Memphis, Tennessee.  This developed from his background as senior research and development engineer for an advanced technologies company.  Chris Breckenridge attended Fayetteville Tech and the University of California, Berkeley with majors in Physics and Electrical Engineering.  Chris follows a long family tradition of having served in the United States Armed Forces.
Alec J. Beddy - Vice President of Technical Arts and Animation Manager

Alec has been a professional graphic artist for most of his adult life. In preparation for his career as an artist, Alec studied at the Rhode Island School of Design.  

Shortly afterward, Alec enlisted in the United States Air Force.  While in the USAF, Alec was assigned to the Tactical Air Command's  Intelligence and Reconnaissance Group. Alec's USAF career culminated as the Staff Artist for the Director of Operations & Intelligence at Tactical Air Command Headquarters located on Langley AFB in Virginia.

After leaving the Air Force, Alec put his artistic skills to use in a variety trades ranging from the old school, manual methods of drafting and design, to the highly demanding and technical field of multi-color offset printing.  Over two decades ago, Alec also began honing his skills in what was then, the new and fast growing field of computer graphics including computer generated imagery and 3D rendering.

Alec is well versed in numerous professional 3D modeling and graphic design software packages such as Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as open source software like Blender.

In total, Alec brings over thirty five years of experience as a professional graphic artist and designer to Brainstem Games.

Corporate Info
Nick Stathakis - Vice President of Architectural and Environmental Arts

Nick has a long history of working with the graphic arts.  His expertise in graphic arts software includes  Adobe Photoshop CC 2018, Adobe illustrator and Adobe Fireworks.

In the game development field, he is the author of over 20 add-on levels for the world renowned first person shooter game, Battlefield 2 and  its very popular Allied Intent eXtended mod.  He has published many of his textures for weapons and vehicles to the game modding website,, where he is know as Terminator333. 

He was also a member of the modding team that helped bring new content to the Battlefield Play-For-Free  mod that is currently on the moddb website.  Nick contributed many of his custom maps, re-terxtured weapons, vehicles and buildings to the Battlefield Play-For-Free mod.

Recently, Nick worked with the modding team that is publishing the Nations-at-War: A Project Revived mod for Battlefield 2 that features updated shaders and textures that rival the latest visual effects in more recent games. Nick's custom built, high-resolution textures add a new level of realism to many of the objects in the Nations-at-War: A Project Revived mod.


About Us

Brainstem Games LLC is a member owned Limited Liability Company located in a small community in the greater Tampa Bay area called Oldsmar, Florida. 

Brainstem Games LLC evolved from the core development team of the original company, Brainstem Games, Inc. Brainstem Games, Inc. initial published work was the Rise of Kobol mod for Battlefield 2 and was in the beginning stages of creating a full fledged video game using a different game engine when tragedy struck.  One of the original owners and the major financial investor was killed in a tragic car accident. 

This horrible event shattered the fledgling company and the other owner, Chris Breckenridge was left to pick up the pieces and start over.  Chris added some fresh blood to the development team and together they formed Brainstem Games LLC.
Corporate Officers and Core Development Team